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About US

Who we are

Sankalp Technology is the leading SEO company in India. We possess an extensive knowledge of Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Branding that is required to take your online sales and profit to the apex. Our strategies are molded according to the business needs and geographical locations.

With a working experience of more than 7 years in the marketing sector, we have evolved out the business maneuvering which assists in escalating the respective industry across the globe.

Various industries like Electronics, Education, Travel, Handicraft, Software Industry, e-commerce and many more have already taken our service. Our global clients include the countries of Canada, India, UK, UAE, USA etc.

Sankalp Technology is a company driven by its commitment, values, and passion to serve. It is a company of young professionals who are committed towards customer delight, by being truthful and showing genuineness in their work.

We are here to understand customer’s customer and always seek answers to questions like Why | How | What. Our passion towards value creation and continuous improvement in areas of Online Marketing keeps us motivated in what we do.

Our Vision

To co create value for businesses by consistently providing quality services in the field of Digital Marketing


We have a committed team of professionals with experience in variety of tools and platforms. Our developers keep themselves updated with the latest technology trends. Our skilled people share a common vision of growth. We do what we believe in, and we believe in what we do.


* Highly customized industry specific solutions to suit individual client’s requirements.
* Rich experience through collaborative efforts with clients worldwide, across different industrues.
* Proven track record of delivering results on time.
* Innovative solutions through intensive R&D work backed by 24/7 Support and Services to clients.
* We work towards continuous improvemtns in all our efforts.
* A dynamic and professional team of well qualified and experienced personnel dedicated to the sole motto of client satisfaction.